Here’s a quick summary of South Africa’s Covid strategy, our numbers, our strict protocols that remain in Level 1 and info on our world-class private healthcare.

South African Covid numbers are not what was expected, with high recovery rates and a low death-rate. Many of the beds at the country’s hospitals have remained empty and the extra, temporary hospitals never reached capacity.

Lockdown: South Africa went into one of the world’s strictest lockdowns in March in order to prepare our healthcare facilities for the pandemic. The government set out a strategy based on Levels – from Level 5 (full lockdown with borders closed) down to Level 1, which is thankfully where we are now.  The country has gradually opened up and at the moment, all sectors of business are open. Our borders are open for tourism and business from all countries.

Our healthcare system: is a combination of public and private facilities. As a business visitor, you must have medical insurance in order to travel here. Should you require medical treatment of any kind, you will have access to the many state-of-the-art private facilities.

Precautions: South Africa is taking every precaution to try and avoid the spread of COVID-19. Mandatory protocols include

  • Proof of a negative PRC Covid test dated within 72 hours of your flight to South Africa must be presented by all visitors upon arrival in South Africa.
  • Visitors are further screened upon arrival; providing they present all necessary documents and do not present with any Covid symptoms, then they may continue into South Africa without quarantine.
  • Masks must be worn in public at all times.
  • Social Distancing must be followed at all times.
  • Hands must be sanitized at regular intervals and when entering shops, restaurants etc
  • Strict production safety protocols are followed on set, monitored by mandatory Covid Safety Officers
  • Everyone is encouraged to download the South African COVID Alert App

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