Now that we’ve solved the key issues like bandwidth and comms, we think the additional benefits of remote production are here to stay.

Moonlighting pulled off South Africa’s first remote international TVC shoot in March when the client and agency team for an OPPO spot could not travel from China. Since then, we have run numerous tests with producer partners around the world and have identified and addressed all concerns and issues relevant to commercial shoots. These range from bandwidth acquisition in remote locations to multiple (and private) communication channels. There are solutions for every budget and every type of shoot. 

How remote production can benefit your project:

  1. When members of your team can’t travel for a shoot, they can still have full, real-time participation.
  2. You can make significant budget savings by having some of your team join remotely. 
  3. If any team members should be delayed or unexpectedly find themselves in quarantine, they can still join the shoot remotely, keeping your project on-schedule.
  4. Rather than watching every step of a long production process, clients can view high-res images at their desks and give input and approvals as needed.
  5. Remote participation doesn’t have to be expensive. The production setup can be tailored to the project and budget, ranging from a simple Zoom system, to high-red imagery and multiple cameras. 
  6. Using remote technology, directors and agency can now join a casting session in realtime, making approvals and feedback much quicker.


Working with professionals

We are fortunate to work alongside our sister company & technical provider, Helium. Their experience in sports broadcasting has professionalized remote production and provided us with a full remote broadcast studio on-site at the Moonlighting office.


No bandwidth, no shoot. Our service provider has invested in every possible device to harvest mobile and satellite bandwidth, no matter the location. If there is data in an area, we will find it. 


You need to be able to replicate the conversations that take place on a physical film set so that none of the key role players feel in any way compromised. We have been working with ClearComms and Motorola to allow a remote participant to join the shoot using a PPT app and accessing crew via the headsets used on set – a serious game-changer.

Confidence in the systems

We all know the frustration of arriving in a boardroom where the IT systems do not work or a conference call where one participant cannot connect.  In the remote broadcast world, there is always the concern that there is a break somewhere in the chain that can compromise the system.  We have at least 2 and usually 3 back-up systems at any one time – we test, test and test again. We have thorough pre-production processes and work with professional broadcast crew. 

In short, we’ve got the experience and every tool in the box to make sure that your remote experience is seamless and world class.

Feel free to get in touch any time if you’ve got questions or want us to quote on a board. We’re #reloaded

For questions or more info about any travel and visa requirements, contact Beccy at For production info and bids, contact Shayne at


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