Motocrane, our weapon of choice.

A useful tool to the armory needed for so many car shoots is the Motocrane recently bought to the country by Kevin O’Reilly.  Our clients will know Kevin for the outstanding grip work he has provided for many years.  Therefore MotoCrane seems to solve quite a few challenges that normally come with using a remotely controlled, arm system like the Russian or Freedom Arms.

Flexibility in vehicle choice is the first asset.  Hence the rig can be fixed to literally any vehicle from a dune buggy to an Audi Q7.  It will ride on the Nissan Navara V8 4×4 for most of its time, but should the need arise, it can take advantage of the speed of fast saloon car or the off-road capabilities of a six wheeler.

It would seem that the only limitation of this rig is that it cannot take as heavy a rig as the two existing options mentioned above.  Therefore with the Ronin 2 it uses a lighter package with short lenses while the Movi XL allows both a heavier body with accessories and longer lenses.  It is comfortable with the Shotover G1 and the SRH-3.

It boasts a full 360-degree operating circle with preset parameters limiting movement to avoid unintended operating moves.  Because it seems to be nimble, quick to assemble and take apart. A head like the Ronin 2 will simply click off the MotoCrane to be immediately attached to a drone, black arm or other rig.  All viewing and operating systems are wireless.

Why pick the Motocrane?

A producer’s dream is having a rig that can be made roadworthy and ready to move between locations in short period of time.  The Motocrane needs the head and weights removed and thereafter the crane arm reduces in size to be within regular travel requirements.

Pricing is very competitive and with a fully local operating crew of two persons for the crane and one for the head the need for travelling specialist operators is no longer a necessity.  The manufacture’s PDF is available for download at

Should you require any additional information please contact Shayne or Suzanne at Moonlighting who will be happy to help.



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