Moonlighting Films was established in 1997 and is one of the leading film production companies in Africa. 

The company has a formidable track record of servicing international film and TV projects, with credits that include “Mad Max: Fury Road”, “Homeland Season 4”, “The Dark Tower”, “The Mummy”, “Safe House” and “Invictus”. Moonlighting has also co-produced several treaty co-productions, including “Skin” (the first UK / SA production), and “Beauty” (the first SA / France co-production which was in competition in Cannes) and has produced several local films including “Four Corners” and “The Endless River”.

The company was founded and is led by producer Genevieve Hofmeyr whose credits include “Blood Diamond”, “The Giver” and “The Last Face”.

Over twenty years of producing film and TV projects, the company has worked with such renowned filmmakers as Clint Eastwood (“Invictus”), Michael Mann (“Ali”), Sean Penn (“The Last Face”), Mira Nair (“Queen of Katwe”), Joss Whedon (“Avengers: Age of Ultron”) and Gavin Hood (“Eye In The Sky”).

Moonlighting Films is an industry leader in the utilisation of co-production treaties in conjunction with the DTI rebate and has a seasoned track record in raising film finance for local films and international co-productions.


Genevieve Hofmeyr

Genevieve Hofmeyr


Genevieve Hofmeyr is widely regarded as one of South Africa’s most accomplished Producers, who has made a significant contribution to the growth of the entertainment industry in South Africa by procuring over 50 productions across the spectrum of film production including major US studio projects, independent co-productions, episodic television/miniseries and indigenous South African films.

She has worked with award winning filmmakers such as Clint Eastwood, Edward Zwick, Michael Mann, Marc Forster, Martin Campbell, Bruce Beresford, Roland Emmerich, Phillip Noyce and Mira Nair, as well some of Hollywood’s A-List or Oscar winning stars including Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Hilary Swank, Ryan Reynolds, Matt Damon, Daniel Craig, Alicia Vikander, Tom Cruise, Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey and Gerard Butler.

Recently Genevieve helmed the SA production of feature films  “Tomb Raider” for MGM, “The Mummy”, directed by Alex Kurtzman for Universal Pictures; “Mowgli”, directed by Andy Serkis for Warner Bro’s, “Queen of Katwe”, directed by Mira Nair for Walt Disney Productions, “The Dark Tower” for Sony & MRC and “Resident Evil : The Final Chapter” for Constantin. (Full credit list available.)

The Hollywood Reporter listed her as one of the three most influential women in South African Cinema today and she was listed in the March special edition of Variety this year on International Women Leaders in the global film and TV industries.

Shireen Hattingh

Shireen Hattingh


As Head of Production at Moonlighting Films, Shireen is responsible for budgeting, setting up initial scouts, putting teams together for confirmed productions and managing research and production at Moonlighting Films’ head office.

She draws on her 20 years in the South African film industry, during which time she’s gained extensive experience in all aspects of production. Working primarily on long form projects, she also spent 5 years producing international commercials as well as 2 years in the AD department on TV and features.


Marvin Saven

Marvin Saven


Marvin Saven is a partner and Financial Director at Moonlighting Films. He joined the company in 2004 and leads Moonlighting in all financial matters, from co-production structuring and film financing to accounting and tax planning for all of Moonlighting’s film and TV projects.

Recognised as an industry leader in the utilisation of co-production treaties, Marvin has spearheaded the structuring of such co-pro projects as “The Borrowers” (Working Title Television), “Death Race 2” (Universal Germany), “Flight of the Storks” (H&V / EuropaCorp) and “The Girl” (Warner Bros Germany / Wall to Wall). He structured the first co-productions produced under the SA / UK Treaty (“Skin”) and SA / France Treaty (“Skoonheid”) and  he heads the film industry task team that was set up to engage with the NFVF (the South African competent authority) on co-pro matters.

He is responsible for raising and structuring finance for Moonlighting’s local productions and international co-productions (such as “Skin”, “Four Corners” and ‘Retribution”), working with a range of private investors and institutions, including the IDC in South Africa. In 2010, Marvin established Moonfund, Moonlighting’s film fund set up to provide loans against the DTI rebate. Moonfund has to date finalised four transactions (“Mr Bob”, “Skoonheid”, The Borrowers” and “Flight of the Storks”).

Marvin oversees all matters pertaining to finance, accounting and tax planning for Moonlighting’s projects, and is responsible for ensuring that each project makes maximum use of the DTI rebate and is correctly structured from a tax point of view.

Prior to joining Moonlighting Marvin was a manager at Deloitte in SA and the UK. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant who graduated Cum Laude on the Dean’s Merit List.