ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about | travelling to South Africa | airlines | our vaccination & covid numbers | travelling without quarantine

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about | travelling to South Africa | airlines | our vaccination & covid numbers | travelling without quarantine

Here in South Africa, things are looking good as travel becomes a whole lot easier! As more countries open up entry from South Africa for the fully vaccinated, there is no quarantine for most when you fly back home after a shoot and no quarantine when you arrive here.  Scoll down for full info. All of Moonlighting staff & many crew are now fully vaccinated and our Covid numbers are decreasing daily as we edge our way towards Summer. We SAFA’s don’t do long winters too well so thank goodness ours is short; everything is open and we’re already enjoying 12 hrs of sunshine a day. We’re looking forward to seeing you!


South Africa is leading the African continent with our vaccination drive which started in April with over 60’s and is now open to all ages from 18+. Both Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson are being administered throughout the country. Here at Moonlighting, we can happily say that 100% of us are now vaccinated. FYI – The Cape Town Convention Centre – known to many as the location for many “airport” scenes – is currently playing a major role as one of central Cape Town’s world-class Vaccination Centres of Hope.


Flights: Airlines currently operating to South Africa include: Air France, British Airways, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, KLM,  Lufthansa, Qatar,  Turkish Airlines, Virgin Atlantic

Entry to South Africa is open to all countries subject to a negative Covid test and all usual visa requirements. For more information on what documentation you need, please check with Beccy Kellond or scroll down.


  • Most countries have now waived the need for quarantine for fully vaccinated travellers returning from South Africa. We have included details of many of them here.
  • NB – This list is subject to change at any time and is for guidance purposes only. We also add more countries daily as we gather the updated info.
  • A person is only considered fully vaccinated after the designated amount of time has passed after their single dose vaccine or second double-dose vaccine. Please check that you have the required, approved vaccination documentation.
Country Any quarantine? Rules for citizens arriving from South Africa    
Austria No quarantine for the fully vaccinated As of 15 August, South Africa is no longer considered to be a virus variant country; fully vaccinated travellers from South Africa can now enter the country without having to quarantine. See source site here.    
Belgium No quarantine for the fully vaccinated provided you test negative on day 1 or day 2 after arrival.  Travellers arriving in Belgium from South Africa must be fully vaccinated and must take a test on day 1 or day 2 after arrival. If the test is negative, there is no quarantine required. Info can be found here.    
Canada No quarantine for the fully vaccinated Canadian citizens can enter Canada from South Africa without having to quarantine if fully vaccinated. See source site here.     
Egypt No quarantine for the fully vaccinated  Travellers can eneter Egypt from South Africa without testing or quarantine provided they are fully vaccinated. See here for info.    
France No quarantine for the fully vaccinated No quarantine is required for fully vaccinated; as per source site: “Fully vaccinated travellers are no longer subject to restrictions to travel to or from France, whatever the country of departure.”    
Germany No quarantine  As of 19 September, Germany no longer lists South Africa as a risk country. No quarantine is required for any travellers who present one of the following: proof of full vaccination, a negative PCR test or proof of recovery from Covid. source site here    
Ireland No quarantine subject to proof of vaccination, negative PCR or proof of recovery. as of 21 August, South Africa is no longer on the list of designated states. This means that arrivals from South Africa are not required to quarantine provided you present proof of eiter full vaccination or a negative PCR test no more than 72 hours old or proof of recovery from Covid. Info from source site here.    
Lebanon No quarantine if fully vaccinated Arrivals from South Africa are exempt from testing or quarantine provided they are fully vaccinated. See info here.    
Netherlands 10 days which may be reduced to 5 days after Day 5 PCR test As of 4 September, fully vaccinated travellers may enter the Netherlands from South Africa subject to presenting a negative test + mandatory quarantine on arrival. Quarantine may be shortened subject to testing negative for Covid on day 5 after arrival. Info subject to change so please always check; current info from source site here.     
Norway No quarantine for the fully vaccinated Norwegian citizens can enter Norway from South Africa without having to quarantine if fully vaccinated. Info from source site here.    
Poland No quarantine for the fully vaccinated Travellers from South Africa do not have to quarantine provided they have been fully vaccinated with an EU approved vaccine. source site here    
Sweden No quarantine for the fully vaccinated Swedish citizens can enter Sweden from South Africa without having to quarantine if fully vaccinated. Info from source site here.    
Switzerland No quarantine for the fully vaccinated Swiss nationals can return to Switzerland from South Africa without quarantine if fully vaccinated. For all other nationalities and statuses, please check     
UAE No quarantine subject to negative Covid test Required for arrival from South Africa – A valid negative COVID‑19 PCR test certificate with a QR code issued within 48 hours of the time the sample was collected from an approved health facility. View source site here    
UK all arrivals from SA must qurantine as per link. UK residents and citizens may enter the UK from South Africa but they must quarantine for 10 nights in a UK government-arranged quarantine hotel at their own expense. View source site here    
USA No quarantine for the fully vaccinated

Currently only US citizens or those with permanent US residency may travel to the USA if they have been to South Africa within 14 days travel; however, this will open up to all travellers from South Africa in November (details to be confirmed).

All air passengers coming to the USA, including U.S. citizens and fully vaccinated people, are required to have a negative COVID-19 test result no more than 3 days before travel or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 in the past 3 months before they board a flight to the United States. Once in the USA, travellers must be tested 3 – 5 days after travel. View source site here



Strict safety protocols have ensured that not one of our many visiting clients have tested positive for Covid while with us. We have streamlined and perfected our remote capability with clients who could not be physically present joining us for every aspect of a shoot – from recce’s and casting through to the shoot itself and even digital safari’s during downtime.

“We were able to have seamless communication with our team in SF who were joining remotely. For us on the ground, we felt 100% safe and would have not changed being on set for anything.” Veronika Fontaine, Mekanism


Nationals of a visa-exempt country: if you are categorised as “Oversight” (this includes producers, directors, DPs, agency and clients), then you will need to present an Oversight Visa Authority letter to immigration upon arrival, as usual. No need to visit the Embassy. As your service company, we will provide this Letter of Authority for you. 

Travellers from non-visa exempt countries and any crew categorised as “specialist” (including talent) will need to apply to their nearest South African Embassy in person for a visa, as before. 

For any information on flying to or from South Africa and Visa requirements please contact Beccy Kellond.

Small is good

Small is good

Live, transatlantic interviews with Charlize Theron and Andile Nebulane are two examples of how the scope of our work has expanded over the past 12 months. As the demand for content production has broadened in genre, the pandemic-induced rise of remote production has opened the door to a plethora of diverse smaller projects which are both challenging and stimulating.

Requests come in not just from production companies, brands and ad agencies but increasingly from specialist content agencies operating in the realm of social media and digital streaming platforms. The briefs have included an intercontinental, live interview between Hollywood and a Johannesburg studio in a 4K environment, streaming camera feeds from a Ghanaian sports event, filming interviews simultaneously with a production company in India and filming in one of the world’s most hi tech vertical farms near Pretoria.

Our ability to successfully implement remote production has played an integral role in bringing us these projects and in most instances it’s the efficiency of the system, and not Covid travel restrictions, that have been the driving force. Small budgets have been stretched so much further by redirecting the costs of the traditionally required travel into more value on screen.

“In so many ways, small is good,” says Moonlighting’s Philip Key. “We are really closely involved in the projects and can add value from our long production history.”

DIOR: Charlize Theron interviews CTAOP scholars in celebration of International Womens’ Day

DIOR: Charlize Theron interviews CTAOP scholars in celebration of International Womens’ Day

We were proud to work with Capisco (Paris) & Dior – partner of the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP) – to capture this inspiring conversation a few weeks ago between Charlize Theron and 2 of the CTAOP scholars Chevario and Nokwanda in celebration of #internationalwomensday.

The interview (VIEW HERE) forms one of a series of short video portraits unveiled by Christian Dior Parfums that are shaped by the words of several extraordinary women.

Shot in Los Angeles and Cape Town with Capisco, Paris and Moonlighting, Cape Town.

#DIORSTANDSWITHWOMEN #DiorChinUp #southafricanproductionservices #southafricaisopenforbusiness #remotestreaming #remoteproduction

HOW FRUSTRATION LED TO INNOVATION (Or How we learned to shoot in a pandemic)

HOW FRUSTRATION LED TO INNOVATION (Or How we learned to shoot in a pandemic)

Moonlighting is no stranger to innovation.

In the late eighties, during a time of political isolation, we were one of the first production services companies in South Africa, showcasing the country’s diverse range of locations and talent to foreign filmmakers all over the world.

Fast-forward to February 2020, when our Chinese clients could not be physically present at their Cape Town shoot due to the beginning of the global pandemic. What followed was our first remote production and a whole new way of working. The then lesser-known Zoom played a major part and we even flew the head of Zoom’s South African subsidiary down from Johannesburg for the shoot!

Adaptability is in our DNA. Finding the best possible alternative to being physically present at a film shoot has been an invigorating process and the developments and systems that have emerged over the past 12 months have truly enabled us to move forward even through a global pandemic.

Communication channels are critical to success

We realized early on that streaming a video signal from the VT operator was only one of several vital components of the remote process. Critical to success was the ability to replicate the hierarchy and confidentiality of the communication channels for client, agency and production. The challenge was to develop a system that would keep all parties informed and able to participate as if they were present.

An “always on” approach

As a starting point we asked the question: “Where do these conversations generally take place?  On set? In the recce bus? At dinner? In boardrooms and wardrobe call-backs?” It quickly became clear that there needed to be an “always on” approach to these conversations. This, along with practical requirements such as backup power and a failover bandwidth supply, prompted us to centralize the communication facility.

Our technical provider and partner company – a sports broadcaster that pivoted to remote streaming for production – established a studio in our offices to do just that. By activating the conference facility before call-time, participants can dial in from anywhere in the world whenever they like; dipping in on their way to work; making comments between meetings, at the dinner table or travelling between sets.  When not streaming the VT image, information slides inform remote parties of the on-set status, where there could be a lunch break or a location move.

Evolving & enhancing the client experience

Replicating the experience here for our clients was not just centred around production. We recently arranged a virtual safari for our clients and agency in the US (albeit at midnight their time) while production in Cape Town moved location. Local film industry animal wrangler Luke Cornell joined us live from his incredible farm, “Cornellskop”, and introduced the clients to some of his animals.

Increasingly, we are asked to include live video streaming of cast call-backs, wardrobe fittings and behind the scenes activities.  We also established a secure area for product preparation where, via an HD-quality viewing platform, a remote client specialist was able to instruct our packs-person how to assemble their product.

No bandwidth, no comms.

Of course, none of this is possible without bandwidth. No bandwidth – no coms.  The ability to successfully harvest this resource has become a major consideration when choosing locations. Knowing where the cellular towers are, what provider is manning them, and testing strength on the technical recce is critical.  Mobile spectrum is in short supply in South Africa and we are only now beginning to see 5G in city centres.  In order to ensure the speed and robustness of our digital connections, bonding up to ten mobile signals has become a common and successful practice for us.  We recently established a microwave link across 35 miles of ocean to enable a 2-hour shoot on a remote beach and are currently preparing to stream proxy files to editors directly from the camera when Frame I.O. brings its facility online in March.

Innovation for today. But what about tomorrow?

Covid forced us to find new ways to continue production but far from disappearing as we find a way forward out of the pandemic, they are fast becoming an integral part of the new workflow. They have created new efficiencies in both cost and time as well as multiple new possibilities and are undoubtedly here to stay.  It’s a gratifying, if unexpected, result of the past 12 months as Moonlighting enters its 4th decade of serving our clients in the ever-changing world of filmmaking.

by Philip Key, CEO Moonlighting

Comments from clients:

“the infrastructure Moonlighting has set up for streaming for the Video Village is amazing and better than anything I have experienced. It’s really well set up and has worked really well.” Michaela McKee, EP 1stavemachine

We were able to have seamless communication with our team in SF who were joining remotely.” – Veronika Fontaine, Mekanism




CNN: “South Africa reminds us what is possible!”

CNN: “South Africa reminds us what is possible!”

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE CNN REPORT or click on the image.

At last – the media is acknowledging South Africa’s low Covid numbers despite the so-called “South African variant”- and the success of wearing masks and social distancing. Thank you CNN! As medical commentator Dr Sanjay Gupta explains:  “They detected the variant in October, had a surge and now it’s come way way down. And that steep decline is not because of vaccines….This a reminder that basic public health measures work. South Africa reminds us what is possible”



Facts on shooting safely in South Africa + client feedback from 15 shoots for UK, USA, France and Italy as South African daily average Covid numbers right down by 92%

Facts on shooting safely in South Africa + client feedback from 15 shoots for UK, USA, France and Italy as South African daily average Covid numbers right down by 92%

As our 15th client team since November fly home after a successful shoot and fantastic time in South Africa, the news from South Africa is good. With all our clients and crew testing negative, South African numbers right down 92% from our early January peak and our vaccination drive in its second week, we thought it was definitely time for a catch up. Read on for client feedback and all the facts you need  – from which airlines are flying here to pre-shoot testing, streaming, Covid numbers and even  virtual safaris for the agency back home.

In the last 2 weeks, Moonlighting shot 4 projects from UK, USA and France concurrently; all directors and producers were in town with some agency here and some joining remotely. This came after shooting back-to-back since early November, through all levels of our second wave. For us, it confirmed that our clients had confidence in our South African teams to look after them and their projects; and that our crew & teams, like so many around the world, have fully adapted to production in times of Covid amid the strictest possible safety protocols.

Travel was an initial concern for many clients but proved to be worth it and many have chosen to stay on once here for multiple shoots. “Flying 30 hours in Covid times was daunting and it took a lot of convincing my family!” explains 1stAveMachine’s Michaela McKee. “But we need to work and get the job done. And I felt comfortable coming to a place where I know and trust everyone because of the relationship we have with Moonlighting. Once you’re here it’s still the same great teams, great crews and everyone is working so hard to keep everything safe and efficient.”

Successful streaming with multiple communication channels is a big priority. Michaela continues: “the infrastructure Moonlighting has set up for streaming for the Video Village is amazing and better than anything I have experienced. It’s really well set up and has worked really well.”. 

Our clients have experienced Cape Town safely while at its usual, hospitable best.

While we all wish we could be in CapeTown without any restrictions, we had a chance to see all the beautiful nature, all the different neighborhoods and beaches, and tried a few delicious restaurants. I felt like I had a complete Cape Town experience albeit with a mask. The restrictions are something we all learned to live with and are very comparable to what we have to follow in the US.” – Veronika Fontaine, Mekanism

Producer Rachel North confirmed: “…we talked about how much fun we had – it felt like going to camp everyday!  😀 We especially loved how tight the crew was and how happy they were on set like a big happy family.”

A word on the budget from our client from Frenzy in Paris:”Thank you very much for your work on this job. You managed to keep the budget despite numerous requests and changes. Amazing work!!!

And on the safety protocols: “Everything possible was done to keep us safe so I was able to work without being stressed by COVID.“: Maud Chalard, Director / Photographer

Read our A-Z of Facts on shooting in the time of Covid here.

Please contact or if you have questions, need quotes or locations or just want to catch up.



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