It would be hard to find a reason not to shoot your project in South Africa, even in today’s world. Rest assured, South Africa will look after you and justify your decision to come here 10 times over. 

As a quick reminder (because we love to boast), here’s the full click-baity checklist:

  1. Range of locations: that can replicate almost anywhere in the world, within a 2-hour radius of a major city. 
  2. Beautiful and green: after a long, rainy winter our lakes and dams are full and our meadows are green. 
  3. Weather: we have a Southern hemisphere climate, with summer from November to March. 
  4. Talent: we have a wide range of diverse talent and can negotiate cost-effective package deals. 
  5. Crew: internationally recognised as world-class. 
  6. Daylight: 14 – 16 hours a day in summer. 
  7. Infrastructure & facilities: one of the reasons why we are one of the top tourist destinations in the world. 
  8. Production Value: much more budgetary value than last season thanks to the exchange rate. For more info, read this article.
  9. COVID strategy: strictly adhered to and praised by the WHO. Read also about our safety protocols here
  10. Technology and connectivity: world class. Read about remote capability here.. 

In short, South Africa #reloaded and ready for your project. 

For questions or more info about any travel and visa requirements, contact Beccy at For production info and bids, contact Shayne at


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