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Moonlighting Films is an industry leader in the utilisation of co-production treaties in conjunction with the DTI rebate, and has a seasoned track record in raising film finance for local films and international co-productions. Moonlighting has also set up a film fund that provides loans against the DTI rebate on Moonlighting projects.

Moonlighting’s co-production credits include “The Borrowers” (Working Title), “The Girl” (Warner Bros Germany), “Women in Love” (BBC / Company), “The Dinosaur Project” (Optimum) and “Death Race 2” (Universal Germany). Moonlighting was the first production company to use the SA / UK Treaty (“Skin”) and SA / France Treaty (“Skoonheid”).

Moonlighting has raised finance for several local and international projects including “Skin”, “Retribution”, “Four Corners”, “Flight of the Storks” and “Mr Bob”.  Moonlighting works with multiple financing partners in this regard, including the IDC in South Africa.

Financial Director Marvin Saven heads Moonlighting’s finance department and is responsible for co-production structuring and raising film finance.


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