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    Compare the Market

    14 June 2018

    At last! The Hollywood musical extravaganza we shot with London’s Passion Pictures and director Dave Scanlon for VCCP for Compare the Market and Meerkat Movies. Spot the original Ghostbusters car and Cate Blanchett’s dress from Elizabeth – both flown in for the shoot; the choreographed 500+ extras and 48 dancers. Credit to Production Designer Ninon de Klerk; Wardrobe Stylist Moira Anne Meyer; the fantastic crew and as ever our dream production team Suzanne Currie, Lerié Neethling, Wade Olckers; Robyn Snell, Shayne Brookstein.

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    Moonlighting wins Production Service award at Ciclope Africa 2018

    11 April 2018

    We won in the Production Services category with Mark Zibert and Skin and Bones’ Tangerine – Stuntman!!! Thank you to all the amazing crew and to @skinandbones, Mark Zibert and john St, Toronto. #tangerine #stuntman #ciclopeafrica2018

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    Daikin for Tohokushinsha, Tokyo

    5 April 2018

    This is Daikin – shot with director Daisuke Kobayashi & Tohokushinsha Film Corporation over 4 days in Johannesburg and 2 days in Cape Town last year. Made possible by the ever brilliant Timeslice Cinematography with special thanks to Stefan who piloted the drone throughout the 8 day recce and then the 6 days shoot.

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    28 March 2018

    No more Advance Specialist Visas (Section 11(2)) required for directors, DP’s and photographers coming to shoot in South Africa for less than 90 days from visa exempt countries!!!!!

    They will now be able to come in as Oversights with a FIVA letter that they will present at immigration upon arrival.

    This is thanks to the incredible efforts of Rudi Riek of FIVA (Film Industry Visa Assistance)

    Visas will be required as usual for all travelers from non-visa-exempt countries, as well as other specific members of crew; however, they will not be restricted to only applying in their home countries. More info available from Moonlighting.

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  • Moonlighting Film & TV

    9 March 2018

    We’re proud to see Moonlighting Films co-founder and MD Genevieve Hofmeyr featured in Variety’s first International Women’s Impact Report in honour of International Women’s Day.

    International Women’s Impact Report 2018 – Variety

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    Cape Town’s water situation is improving daily.

    8 February 2018

    We are happy to reassure you we are NOT queuing for water, many gardens & parks are still green and life is fine!
    Unfortunately the press is still sensationalising the situation and doesn’t portray the reality as it is, or the good news. So – with apologies for yet another email – here is an update.

    • Yes, we are experiencing a serious drought but all the many steps being taken by the City of Cape Town and residents are allowing our water supplies to be gradually replenished.
    • Millions of litres of water have been re-routed to Cape Town’s water supply from other Western Cape dams that are no longer needed by the farmers. (There is still a lot of water in dams outside of Cape Town).

    We can assure you that film shoots and tourism are going ahead as usual with no adverse effects whatsoever.

    • As you can see from the photos, we have green parks and gardens; these are just a few of many.
    • When you stay in Cape Town, you will have water as usual at your hotel, our office, restaurants and anywhere you go. The only thing you might notice is that your hotel may encourage you to shower instead of taking a bath, and perhaps replace towels and linen every other day. That is probably the only real way it is affecting visitors.
    • The Cape Town Argus Cycle Tour with 35000 cyclists, many of whom are from outside Cape Town / overseas, is going ahead with confidence in March.

    The prospect of the much-mentioned “Day Zero” (a term intended mainly to make residents save water) is looking even less likely. Current official projections have now pushed it back to mid-May (3 months away, well into our winter) but it’s still unlikely. Even then, if it happens, central Cape Town and surrounding business and tourist districts will not be affected.

    We will never allow your shoot or stay here to be compromised in any way and will keep you fully informed of the situation.

    Just think – you can tell everyone you survived the Cape Town drought (while sipping on your ice-cold Sauvignon Blanc as you gaze at the ocean)!

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    Tangerine – Stuntman shot by Mark Zibert with Skin and Bones

    23 January 2018

    Tangerine – Stuntman. From Mark Zibert at Skin and Bones for John St, Toronto. Shot late last year – this was an incredible production to be part of with 3 of the 6 shoot days pure stunts. Thanks to our fantastic clients, the ever-brilliant South African crew, our great production team Suzanne CurrieWade OlckersShayne Brookstein, Production Designer Naobie Noisetteand extra special thanks to Leander Lacey, Adam Horton and the team at Stunt Network.

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    Harry Boy from Giants & Toys / Traktor

    9 January 2018

    Shot just before Christmas by Giants & Toys and Traktor for Akestam Holst, this is the first of 2 spots for Harry Boy.

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    Christmas Party 2017

    22 December 2017

  • Moonlighting

    Discovery and Google’s new VR series with LA’s Here be Dragons

    20 December 2017

    LA’s Here Be Dragons, with director Addison O’Dea, came to Cape Town to shoot episodes of Discovery and Google’s ground-breaking VR series “Discovery TRVLR” which takes viewers directly into the lives of fascinating locals in every corner of the globe through a 360 degree storytelling experience. In South Africa, after extensive research, we focused on 4 unique locals including Christie, a young Sangoma who gave us unprecedented access to her initiation ceremony, and Bradley, one of the last surviving members of the ancient Bushmen tribe. https://www.discoveryvr.com(To view, you will need a browser that supports playback of 360° videos).


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