• Cape Town Stadium

    Moonlighting Commercials

    Shooting in Cape Town Stadium

    23 February 2011

    We shot inside Cape Town stadium with full floodlights last week just before the U2 concert took it over for a few weeks; it’s hard not to get excited when the lights come on and you have the whole, magnificent stadium to yourself. Cape Town is the perfect “international” stadium; it’s available for shoots subject to schedule and rates can be reasonable under the management of the City of Cape Town. For full information on rates for floodlights, half a pitch and general access by the hour, please contact shayne@moonlighting.co.za. If only tighter shots are required, Cape Town has a few other good stadium options like Athlone and Bellville. Outside of Cape Town, all other city and world cup stadiums are available for shoots

  • Moonlighting Commercials

    Servicing all media platforms at once = economy of scale

    23 February 2011

    Philip writes – As a production service company, we’re able to observe production trends across a wide range of clients, countries and markets. What’s really standing out at the moment is the trend of companies having to cross media platforms in the production environment. Working on a clothing account for Hobby Films, Sweden, Moonlighting provided the platform to record both moving and still images for a TV commercial, magazine advertising, catalogue, the internet and digital media distribution. Details like casting size requirements that accommodate the specific aspect ratios of internet banners are increasingly important. We were able to negotiate talent deals across all these media types in one package making usages affordable. We’re exploring ways to add more value as these requirements grow.

  • Finding Gold in JHB rs

    Moonlighting Commercials

    Finding Gold in Johannesburg

    7 December 2010

    Our clients are loving Johannesburg locations right now. With its impressive city infrastructure changes, it’s almost like having a new location to offer. Not to mention the downtown city lock-off’s. Moonlighting recently cordoned off 3 city blocks for 4 days for a car shoot. In addition to stunning city streets & backdrops, we’ve shot in uber-cool loft apartments, high end shopping malls, museums, art galleries, pastoral farms, open savannah and with wild animals. Crime concerns are being put aside as filmmakers have been sharing the wonderful aspects of this vibrant city alongside its 11 million odd inhabitants. Worth noting that Joburg is a year round production destination (as opposed to Cape Town’s intense 6 months) so crew availability is constant. No matter how many times you’ve been to Cape Town, it’s only when you venture North that you start experiencing the real Africa. Clients who’ve recently shot in Gauteng include Lankford Films, Gap Films and Outsider. For a comprehensive selection of recent Joburg location shots, please contact shayne@moonlighting.co.za


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