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    Filming in South Africa with Moonlighting

    13 September 2012

    Moonlighting’s head of production Shayne Brookstein’s interview with The Location Guide has been blasted throughout cyberspace! Check out the article on  http://www.thelocationguide.com/blog/2012/09/filming-in-south-africa-with-moonlighting%E2%80%99s-shayne-brookstein/

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    Moonlighting Commercials

    Bosberaad 2012. aka “Humiliation by paintball”

    25 July 2012

    So er probably a good thing none of us ever joined the military – not sure the country would be so safe…. (well aside from “don’t mess with me Nadia”).

    “Let’s go on a team-building fun weekend” they said. 48 hours later, we’d eaten and drunk for the country, talked very quickly about work and then spent hours running around fields in the rain paint-balling each other. Very satisfying! And very good fun.

    Carl and Anton were both convinced they should have replaced Daniel Craig as James Bond, Nolan tried very hard to make the accounts department look scary. And Shayne struck a worryingly good commando pose…

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    Moonlighting Film & TV

    The Dinosaur Project

    25 July 2012

    New movie The Dinosaur Project, shot with Moonlighting Films and set to be released in UK cinemas August 10th, features previously unseen footage from the ill-fated, eponymous 2011 expedition to the Congo in search of the Mokele Mbembe. Discover a world lost for millions of years.
    Studiocanal are delighted to finally bring this astonishing story of the missing Congo expedition to UK audiences, and the findings of the Cryptozoological Society to audiences around the world. The film features stunning recovered footage of creatures thought to be extinct for 65 million years. As the search for the missing crew continues, questions remain about the source of the missing footage and the manner in which it was discovered. Producer Nick Hill said in a statement, “It has been incredible to have the original source material to work with, and we have great respect and admiration for the work of the Cryptozoological Society and are keen to support them in their search. The movie raises important questions about species which conventional science tells us have long since become extinct, and we hope it will help raise awareness of the search to locate the missing persons and the BCZS’s ongoing work in the Congo. http://uk.ign.com/articles/2012/07/11/the-dinosaur-project-trailer

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    Moonlighting News from South Africa

    Harry Patramanis’ Fynbos flourishes in Durban

    19 July 2012

    Long-time friends and clients Harry Patramanis and Eleni Asvesta will compete at this years’ 33rd annual Durban International Film Festival with their debut feature film, Fynbos.

    Set in contemporary South Africa, Fynbos is a mystery drama about a real estate developer on the verge of bankruptcy. In a last ditch effort to preserve the life he knows, he travels to a lavish and remote property in order to secure a prospective business deal. The feature stars an all-South African cast including Warrick Grier (award winning South African actor and a Fleur du Cap winner for Open Couple), Jessica Hains (Disgrace, The Bang Bang Club) and multiple award winning-actress Susan Danford (Invictus, Catch a fire, 7de Laan).

    “With Fynbos I set out to make a film that was an exercise in minimalism. Not as an artistic end, but as a way of allowing seemingly specific things to happen in the film to remain open to multiple interpretations.” says Director Harry Patranamis. “Eleni and I have been coming to South Africa for twenty years. We feel connected to this part of the world.”

    Fynbos has been nominated for all major award categories including best film, best direction, best screenplay as well as best leading actors. The film makes its premiere on Sunday 22nd of July at 7pm at Suncoast Cinema. For a sneak peak, take a look at http://afourletterword.net/trailer.html

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    Moonlighting Commercials

    Sears, Dressman, Ellos shoot for multi-media platforms

    5 July 2012

    New York’s Sandwick Films came to shoot their Sears campaign with us this February with director Matthäus Bussmann. Sears usually shoot in the Czech Republic so this was a first for them and us.  Being able to offer Cape Town Films Studios was a key deal-maker here with competitive rates for their world class facility. We used one studio for the tv shoot against green screen and next door’s stage for the stills shoot with photographer Dane Tashima.  Our great Dressman friends  were back with us for the 4th time in 4 years shooting  with the Film By Us team Jerker Joseffson and Gustav Olden who then returned after Christmas to shoot tvc, stills and digital footage for Ellos with Brazilian model Fabiana Semprebom.  We are now frequently incorporating multiple cine and photographic camera formats into one production, as well as negotiating with talent agencies to secure distribution across multiple media platforms.

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    Home away from home

    5 July 2012

    Where you lay your production-filled head at night on away-shoots is crucial to your overall experience. We get that and want to make sure we take away as many of the ouches as possible. Our production rates at many of Cape Town’s 4 and 5 star hotels are super competitive and, thanks to Manni’s persuasive way, our success rate in negotiating early breakfasts and early check in / late check out is pretty good, with phenomenal support from production friendly hotels such as The Mount Nelson, The Pepper Club, The Hippoboutique and The Taj.  Manni is also the local knowledge for restaurant recommendations, day safari’s, shark cage diving, hiking and many more of the things you can do here when you’re not working. He’s even been known to organise weddings and anniversaries…. For ideas or more info you can email Manni at emanuel@moonlighting.co.za

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    Moonlighting Commercials

    Beyond Borders: Shooting the Real Africa

    5 July 2012

    Tchibo Coffee offered the kind of opportunity that our producers were fighting over. Our HOP Shayne Brookstein pulled rank and got to work with director Lars Büchel, Hamburg’s blm and Scholz & Jung von Matt Hamburg in Kenya and Tanzania in May for their recent coffee ad. “The entire storyline revolved around Mt Kilimanjaro. We had to wait for it to come out of the clouds and when it did, it wasn’t quite our scheduled shoot day but what’s a little mad, last minute scramble between friends?! We got the shot.” She adds, “We worked in the sunny days you get in between May’s morning and night rain showers – we just stocked up on gum boots and had a tractor available at all times!”. The crew shot in some of the world’s most beautiful coffee plantations as well as in Masai land with real Masai warriors as well as elephants in Amboseli.”Our base was Moshi. While they are not really geared for tourists they looked after us amazingly; the hotel did all our on-set catering and provided, according to our crew, an excellent bar service.”.

  • Time Slice Story

    Moonlighting Commercials

    NCSI’s Daniella Ruah & Underwater time-slice

    5 July 2012

    South Africa was the only country in the world who said that underwater time-slice could be done for the Agua das Pedras commercial that Krypton Films shot with us in May. Twenty-eight Canon 500’s later from time-slice technician Jono O’Connel, and director Augusto Fraga got his stunning underwater shot of actress Daniella Ruah (NCIS: Los Angeles) at a specialised diving tank at the Simonstown naval base where the water is the clearest you will find in the country. Frog Squad’s Jason Martin rigged and helped art department dress the underwater set of a submerged living room. The rest of the underwater footage was shot on a phantom; the results: stunning.
    Images – the rig, the submerged set; talent?

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    McCullough for B-Reel

    16 May 2012

    Tom Malmros for Stockholm’s award-winning B-Reel and agency NY. Makes you look at chainsaws in a whole new light.

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    Flake for The Talkies

    16 May 2012

    A truly international production shot in Cape Town with Chilean director Claudio Droguett Larrain for The Talkies, Beirut and Saatchi & Saatchi Dubai. Special mention amongst the great crew goes to greens man Spook for one amazing maze; to Stefania Moreland for THE dress and to Premier Post’s Jeremy Hattingh for post.

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    Moonlighting Commercials

    Voices for New York from the Wild West

    8 May 2012

    New York’s BG Productions approached us recently to cast authentic Angolan Portuguese voices. One of those challenges that’s too good to miss, it meant casting in Luanda – Angola’s own lawless Wild West that’s in the midst of its own “black gold” rush. Unstoppable co-ordinator Silvio Gourgel lined up candidates from local theatre groups, radio stations and general canvassing; a hotel room served as a casting studio with South African voice director Roberta Fox and sound recordist Helmut Scherz. Around 50 candidates were screened with 4 selected for the final product whose voices were laid down at the city radio station. A great experience all round. Moonlighting has in the past produced work for Angola via producers in Portugal, but this was all executed in Cape Town and was our first step in establishing our own footprint in a neighbouring country that promises a lot for the future.

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    Unity Media – Director Jan Wentz…

    8 May 2012

    for Tempomedia and Kempertrautmann West. This is beautiful. Shot here in Cape Town over 5 nights with 3 location moves a night, 3 set builds from a heroic art department and ALL the toys: intelligent lighting and specialised lighting rigs built by the gaffer and DP, 100 ton crane, cherry pickers, technocrane 50, remote head, Wendy lights & tracking vehicle.

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    Euromillions for Outsider

    13 February 2012

    The first of a series of ads we shot with Outsider for Euromillions. This one was shot on the glorious sandy beach of Llandudno, white horse, palm trees and all. The other – snow and Christmas trees in 30 degree heat…. Directed by Bart Timmer, Produced by Paul McPadden.

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    Moonlighting Film & TV

    Safe House, shot with Moonlighting Films, is a first for Cape Town

    6 February 2012

    Universal’s “Safe House” starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, which will be released on Friday 10th February, was shot in and around Cape Town with Moonlighting Films and represents a first for Cape Town and for the South African film industry.

    Safe House, directed by Daniel Espinosa, is the first major Hollywood action film to be set in Cape Town. Genevieve Hofmeyr, supervising producer for Safe House and owner of Moonlighting Films, says “Cape Town transformed itself for this Hollywood action film which would not have been possible without the incredible co-operation of the public, the City of Cape Town and the many traffic officers to whom we owe huge thanks. The success of the production shows that Cape Town has been elevated to a city that can accommodate big Hollywood projects. The city’s co-operation will ensure that Hollywood keeps coming back for more.”

    The feature film was in pre-production for 5 months and then shot for 14 weeks. Locations included downtown Cape Town (with numerous road closures, including Western Boulevard), Belville, Langa and Moorreesburg. “We built a huge set right in the heart of the Langa community where we shot an extensive night sequence. We are incredibly grateful to the residents and community leaders of Langa who engaged with us whole-heartedly to make it work, as well as fulfilling positions ranging from security to extras”.

    The positive impact of the production on the City of Cape Town and the South African film industry is significant. “This was a great opportunity for us to showcase the formidable crew talent that we have here in South Africa, and to grow it exponentially thanks to the skills transfer between international and local crew,” Genevieve continues. “Furthermore, we are for once proudly presenting Cape Town and iconic locations such as Greenpoint Stadium and Table Mountain instead of doubling our city for somewhere else – this will no doubt result in a considerable boost in “film” tourism for Cape Town.”

    Safe House is produced by Scott Stuber and distributed by Universal Pictures. It was written by David Guggenheim and directed by Daniel Espinosa. Executive producers are Denzel Washington, Scott Aversano, Adam Merims, Alexa Faigen, Trevor Macy and Marc D. Evans.


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    Moonlighting Commercials

    Locations update: animals, film studios and the world beyond Cape Town

    15 December 2011

    Cape Town really can “do” a world of locations without a doubt but for those other locations, there’s a whole lot of options out there. Hot this month are Mozambique (white sandy beaches), Namibia (arid / desert landscapes), Joburg (worldwide downtown + a closer “Africa”) and closer to home – the little town of Botrivier! It’s here you will find animal wrangler Luke Cornell, his numerous animals and his on-site studio – making it that much easier to film “wild” animals in a contained environment. For sample location sites please contact Shayne@moonlighting.co.za. Just 40 minutes outside town, Cape Town’s 4 new sound stages (Cape Town Film Studios) are “a state of the art production facility giving Hollywood a run for its money” (Hollywood Reporter May 11) and have recently hosted numerous commercials plus major productions for Working Title, Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox. Facilities include: 18,300 feet of fully furnished production offices, 68,000 square feet of multipurpose workshops and art departments, 2D/3D 37-seater grading cinema as well fibre optic networks that allow for cost effective transfer of rushes to any global position.

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    Moonlighting News from South Africa

    Christmas comes early as weak SA Rand gives 18% more value

    13 December 2011

    The current weak Rand means you’re getting between 16% and 18% more bang for your buck than this time last year, with a 8.1 Rand / Dollar, 10.83 Rand / Euro and a 12.68 Rand / British Pound. What’s more, we can lock in a particular exchange rate as quoted by our Bank at a particular time with a Forward Exchange Contract in order to give you maximum assurance on the effects of currency. It makes sense when you think that last year’s R1million job might cost you R200,000 less this year!

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    Moonlighting Commercials

    Meanwhile, on Michelle’s Cape Town set…..

    11 November 2011

  • Snow Snow

    Moonlighting Commercials

    Snow, snow, snow. Another day in the life of Trish’s shoot last week

    7 November 2011

    Can’t wait to show you more of this one. A 4 day shoot for the UK – shooting snow (on a summers day in the Winelands) and white horses on a beach in Llandudno, Cape Town.

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    75,000 sq. ft of world class sound stages in Cape Town

    18 October 2011

    The long awaited Cape Town Film Studios have been in full swing for the last 3 months and complete Cape Town’s offering as a full service destination. Described by The Hollywood Reporter (May 2011) as a “state of the art production facility giving Hollywood a run for its money”, the studio has recently hosted major productions for Working Title, Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox and an estimated $35,000,000 project for DNA Films – Dredd. Facilities include: 18,300 feet of fully furnished production offices, 68,000 square feet of multipurpose workshops and art departments, 2D/3D 37-seater grading cinema as well fibre optic networks that allow for cost effective transfer of rushes to any global position. For more information, please contact us.

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    Moonlighting News from South Africa

    Shooting digital content for new Ford Ranger campaign

    2 August 2011

    Moonlighting SA’s Shayne just spent 2 weeks with Australia’s Gorgeous Films, shooting the digital content for the all new Ford Ranger Campaign in some of Southern Africa’s most remote locations with director Rowan Webb and agency Wunderman. Take an 11 man crew (well 9 men actually + Shayne & our client), 2 hero cars, 3 vehicles, 7 cameras, a lot of biltong, a few baboons & crocs, snow and ice and you get a lot of fun and some great footage. Can’t really show you any pictures yet but they will be worth waiting for.

    Shooting more and more digital content has meant a different approach to service and we’ve been learning a lot. For some projects like Ford and Telia for Stockholm’s It’s Showtime, it’s meant fine-tuning our expertise to quote and produce purely for online use which in reality has meant doing what has been our approach for some time now – making smaller budgets work without compromising the final product.

    For other clients, it’s meant integrating the world of moving and still images across all media applications from TV to tablet; working with multiple camera platforms; thinking big and small at the same time; working within each media type’s budget & negotiating highly competitive multi-media talent contracts. For Dressman and Ellos for Sweden’s Hobby Factory, we shot for TV, internet and stills; for Jacobs for Ireland’s Fish Films, we also shot online banners and an online campaign music video. For National Geographic, we worked with Joel Satore to compile a library of images for multiple media platforms.


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