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    Homeland Season 4 – Behind the Scenes

    9 January 2015

    Cape Town doubled for Washington DC, Kabul and Islamabad for the filming of Homeland Season 4 – shot with Moonlighting Films through much of 2014. This Behind-the-Scenes clip was shot for Variety and aired in September. For those of you who didn’t see it then – it includes interviews with Claire Danes, Rupert Friend, Mandy Patinkin, Nazanin Boniani, Michael Klick (co-executive producer), Lesli Linka Glatter (executive producer)  – and GREAT shots of Cape Town doubling for Islamabad, Kabul and Washington. 


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  • FB wrap 1Moonlighting_Atlantik Film_OMO_251cropped for blogFB Beccy, Gamze, Gizem, Suzannecropped for blogMoonlighting_Atlantik Film_OMO_247cropped for blog
    FB wrap 1Moonlighting_Atlantik Film_OMO_251cropped for blogFB Beccy, Gamze, Gizem, Suzannecropped for blogMoonlighting_Atlantik Film_OMO_247cropped for blog

    Moonlighting Commercials

    That’s a wrap

    19 December 2014

    Happy days with our friends from Atlantik Films.

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  • Star article Movie Mayhen - carshoot 7 Dec 14cropped for blogNicci Geater Joburg day 2cropped for blogNicci Geater - Joburg - Sunday 7 Deccropped for blog
    Star article Movie Mayhen - carshoot 7 Dec 14cropped for blogNicci Geater Joburg day 2cropped for blogNicci Geater - Joburg - Sunday 7 Deccropped for blog

    Moonlighting Commercials

    Our car shoot makes the papers

    9 December 2014
    It was a rare, rare sight. NO traffic on the M2 east in Johannesburg – thanks to the 81 Metro cops who shut it down for us at the weekend. Into day 3 of this major shoot in Johannesburg and we even made the papers.

  • SF_SA2014_Moonlighting_PhilipKey_Profile source e creativeSF_SA2014_Moonlighting_OskarBard_Still sourceeCreative
    SF_SA2014_Moonlighting_PhilipKey_Profile source e creativeSF_SA2014_Moonlighting_OskarBard_Still sourceeCreative

    Moonlighting Commercials

    Moonlighting in Source E Creative feature on Top Companies in South Africa

    19 November 2014

    SourceEcreative’s special feature on South Africa – “Productions to make the client smile – South Africa’s top companies speak out” with Philip Key andShayne Brookstein

    The South Africa feature showreel includes work from Moonlighting: ads from Paul Anderson (The Mob), Matt Bieler (Serial Pictures), Mark Zibert (Sons & Daughters), Oskar Bard (Hobby Films) and Kenny Morrison (Pointblank).


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  • Moonlighting Commercials

    Passion Pictures’ Compare the Market

    17 November 2014

    This is one of those spontaneous smile-makers! Passion Pictures, VCCP and directors Darren Walsh and David Scanlon brought their iconic Russian meercat “Aleksandr Orlov” campaign to Africa earlier this year to shoot their latest ads and a series of idents. Join them as the Meercats show baby Oleg his roots… (and the stripey pajama horses…)

    Thanks to Moonlighting’s production team & crew on this – led by Shayne Brookstein, Suzanne Currie and Wade Olckers – with filming up at Shambala Private Game Reserve, Lindberg Lodge and Glen Afric.

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  • its a wrap Tuesday 21 Oct 14 resized for blogsuzanne resized for blogwade in his office resized for blog
    its a wrap Tuesday 21 Oct 14 resized for blogsuzanne resized for blogwade in his office resized for blog

    Moonlighting Commercials

    And that’s a wrap

    7 November 2014

    Five happy days and a wonderful shoot. Can’t wait to share it but right now suffice to say it was a great shoot with wonderful clients and promises to be creatively brilliant. In the pics – the crew / our line producer Suzanne Currie / our Production Manager Wade Olckers in his office

  • Moonlighting Commercials

    Philip Key introduces Moonlighting…

    7 October 2014

    A quick 5 minute overview of Moonlighting – right here.

    Last month, Moonlighting CEO Philip Key was unable to attend the 2014 Conference for the International Quorum of Producers – an organisation that we proudly joined by invitation earlier this year. So – we made a short film to play at the conference; a concise overview of Moonlighting, our sister companies and South Africa as a film destination – complete with a quick intro to the film financing opportunities in South Africa.

    The only thing missing was the sun which refused to brighten up the misty backdrop.

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    Axe Jazz by Jean-Claude Thibaut

    30 September 2014

    Shot earlier this year with Stratum Films Mumbai and BBH Singapore.

  • Moonlighting Commercials

    “the most excellent crew I’ve ever worked with”

    29 August 2014

    That’s what our client said about the Cape Town crew who worked on the VW shoot earlier this year.

    “Without a doubt the crew we have had for the last three days is the hardest working and most excellent crew I’ve ever worked with.
    Brilliant. Thank you all.”

    And here’s the second of those ads – shot by Resident Evil director Paul Anderson with UK production company The Mob for adamandeveddb. Volkswagen. Made for Real Life. Polo – Anti Collision Technology. Enjoy 🙂


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  • photo 2 (470x470)

    Moonlighting Commercials

    Wear a Doek Friday

    28 August 2014

    We support Women’s month, managed to persuade the ladies in the office to wear scarves!

  • blog1 FB Philip, Jarrod, Manni, Nolan boys in da hoodblog2 FB Mimi Manni balancingblogFB Jarrod Michelle
    blog1 FB Philip, Jarrod, Manni, Nolan boys in da hoodblog2 FB Mimi Manni balancingblogFB Jarrod Michelle

    Moonlighting Commercials

    Moonlighting Bosberaad 2014

    18 August 2014

    AKA team-building / soul-searching / eating delicious cake / spending a day out the office in beautiful Franschoek with 22 cool Moonlightingers.

  • Moonlighting Film & TV

    Researcher Position Available

    29 July 2014

    Moonlighting Films is looking for a full-time Researcher to join the In-House team from mid-August. This is a crucial role in the company, that combines a broad base of local knowledge with good presentation skills and lateral thinking to fulfill location briefs. A minimum of two years of experience in the Film and Television Industry is required. Experience in Features is preferable, but not essential. Candidates should possess strong visual literacy and communication skills, and exhibit a decent understanding of architectural styles and geography, both local and international. This is a fast-paced environment, and candidates should be able to work well under pressure, with occasional long hours. Own vehicle is a must. Salary negotiable.
    Please send applications, including a CV and a cover letter, to william@moonlightingfilms.com

  • mandela day 1mandela day 2mandela day 3Mandela Day 4
    mandela day 1mandela day 2mandela day 3Mandela Day 4

    Moonlighting Commercials

    Mandela Day

    24 July 2014

    Moonlighting staff doing their bit for Mandela day making sandwiches for a local soup kitchen

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    Moonlighting Film & TV

    The Giver

    30 April 2014

    The Weinstein Company’s has released this new featurette on The Giver, directed by Phillip Noyce and starring Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Brenton Thwaites, Alexander Skarsgård, Katie Holmes, Odeya Rush and Taylor Swift.

    The haunting story of The Giver centers on Jonas, who lives in a seemingly ideal, if colorless, world of conformity and contentment. Not until he is given his life assignment as the Receiver of Memory does he begin to understand the dark, complex secrets behind his fragile community. The August 15 release is based on Lois Lowry’s beloved young adult novel of the same name, which was the winner of the 1994 Newbury Medal and has sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

    The Giver was shot with Moonlighting Films.


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  • Moonlighting Film & TV

    ‘Homeland’ Set for Summer Shoot in South Africa

    30 April 2014

    Showtime and Fox 21 announced Friday that award-winning drama series “Homeland” is set to begin production in Cape Town, South Africa.

    Production will begin in mid-June and continue through November on the popular drama centered around bipolar CIA agent Carrie Mathison, played by Claire Danes.

    “We’ve been so lucky to work with one of the best crews in the business for the last three seasons in Charlotte,” “Homeland” showrunner and exec producer Alex Gansa said in a statement. “We knew going into season four that we would need to move the production overseas to tell the story of Carrie returning to the Middle East as chief of station.  We are thrilled to have found a new home in Cape Town and look forward to getting season four production off the ground.”

    The show’s fourth season, set to premiere this fall, finds Carrie back on the front lines in the war on terror as she is assigned to one of the most volatile and dangerous CIA stations in the Middle East.

    In addition to stars Danes and Mandy Patinkin, Rupert Friend will also return for season four, along with Nazanin Boniadi, who was recently promoted to a series regular.


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    Moonlighting Commercials

    Garage Hard Lemon

    23 April 2014

    Some images from the Kind of Genius. Kind of Campaign we shot with Hobby Films and Duval Guillaume for Garage Hard Lemon shot by Oskar Bard. We shot in 40 degree heat out near the du Toitskloof Pass for the Medieval scenes and in studio with some of the Boulders Beach penguins for the snow scenes.

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  • Moonlighting Commercials

    Kind of Genius. Kind of.

    23 April 2014
     This is Hobby Films and Duval Guillaume’s new work for Seth & Riley’s Garage, a new drink by #Carlsberg Breweries. Directed by Oskar Bard. Featuring a funeral, crazy penguins and a lot of slow motion. It’s #KindOfGenius #KindOf

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  • Moonlighting Commercials

    3 shoot days dancing for DNAWelho

    7 April 2014

    We danced on the forest, by the lake, in the park, on the race track, on the beach, downtown and underwater. This was one of those feel-good shoots. Shot for DNAWelho and Finlands’s Rawland and agency Taivas with director Sam Shingler. Here is one – check out the main website for the others. Oh – and check out DJ Aran – DJ by night, Moonlighting IT by day.

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  • Gasant-Irshaad-Ally-mourns-his-brothers-death-as-the-dunes-burnblog7april

    Moonlighting Film & TV

    Four Corners Review

    7 April 2014
    Weekend review of Moonlighting Films and Giant Films’ newly released must-see “Four Corners”:
    This South African production can stand proudly next to international gang thriller, City of God.


  • Moonlighting

    Who’s your inner man?

    21 March 2014

    Shot with Minivegas for Crispin, Porter & Bogusky – McCoys “Ultimate”.

    Producer – Lauren Becker; Director – Minivegas; Line Producer – Suzanne Currie; EP – Shayne Brookstein;



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