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    Moonlighting Commercials

    On the beach today with FilmByUs.

    27 November 2013

    Don’t be deceived by all the sweaters – it was 28 degrees out there – just a touch breezy…

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  • Moonlighting Commercials

    Hoover shoot for The Black Arts Co

    31 October 2013

    Ian Cassie, Richard Ward and The Black Arts team were back this winter for a marathon 10 commercial / 9 day shoot for British Floorcare giant VAX, iconic US brand Hoover and re-branded US brand Dirt Devil. We filmed at Salt River Studios (where we created a revolving room), Waterfront Studios and on location in the city centre and suburbs as well as on the legendary Cape Town cut-off highway. The first commercial flighted on 1st September during the UK’s most popular TV show Coronation Street and features the music of American Idol Philip Phillips.

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    Moonlighting Commercials

    Shooting with Cape Town’s new Bolt Motion Control Rig

    30 October 2013

    There was real “boys and their toys” excitement when we got to shoot with The Bolt on our recent shoot for Norway’s Plastikk. The Bolt was developed by Marc Roberts Motion Control in London and is now based in Cape Town. It is THE benchmark in high speed motion control and allows you to track movement of objects in freefall. Partner company Grinder Films has been doing test shots with the Bolt for the last month – the results (which will be online soon) show that The Bolt is also bringing game-changing opportunities to the world of food and beverage cinematography.
    Image of the bolt

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    Moonlighting Commercials

    6 tips and tricks to survive being a Bidder.

    30 October 2013

    To all you producers out there who are constantly working budgets, revising budgets, bidding with 5 different countries and time-zones at the same time….…we hear you! Here’s our Bidding Producer Carl’s take on it!
    Bidder = diplomat, juggler, optimist (eternal), stoic (when you lose that bid after the 55th budget version, you need to be one, trust me), owner of 10 hands / assistants would be good (to man the landline, the mobile, the skype, email, the 5 suppliers on hold, and vital – MAKE THE COFFEE). Read more…..
    1. Social life? Who needs one? When asked for 20 different versions of the budget within 1 hour, at 6pm on Friday, the answer is always, “No problem”.
    2. When asked to add all the bells and whistles but still keep the price exactly the same, or less, the answer is always, “No problem”.
    3. INSOMNIA Sleep is a luxury reserved for the winter(off-season) months.
    4. TIME TRAVEL This is a pretty standard requirement in the world of Bidding. Get brief today, need quote yesterday.
    5. Set up 4 x screens, 3 x phones, laptop, tablet, double espresso and you’re ready to roll!
    6. COFFEE and CAKE: Coffee on the dot first thing, mid-morning, mid afternoon – preferably made for you JUST how you like it. And CAKE. Friday afternoon. Non negotiable.

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    Moonlighting Commercials

    Traktor shoots our 9th Scandinavian project this season

    9 August 2013

    Dressman came back for the 4th year running with Stockholm’s Film by us and director Jerker Joseffson who then returned with Ellos; The Producers flew in to shoot Cubus with director Eric Brims and then returned to shoot AMF and Marabou with Traktor. Hobby Films went camping at Groot Constantia for their Statoil ad with Magnus Renfors and we took Stockholm’s Family Planning out to one of the last pine forests for their Hitta ad. We loved working with Oslo’s Tangrystan again who came with director Jakob Strom to shoot in Salt River Studio where art director Mark Auret created a Norwegian hospital set build for their Insurance ad. And we met Oslo’s Plastikk for the first time who came over to shoot Komplett on 2 perfect days in Constantia.

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  • Moonlighting Commercials

    Agustin Alberdi’s Gancia

    7 February 2013

    Award winning director Agustin Alberdi came out to Cape Town with Landia Buenos Aries to shoot this Gancia spot with us. We love it. Look for sneaky lover zip-sliding out of a Camps Bay villa bedroom to escape irate husband; explosions at Rhodes Memorial; the ever-stunning drive along the ocean in a convertible and some great café / club scenes.

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    basejumping story for blogbasejumping for blog 2basejumping for blog 4basejumping for blog 3

    Moonlighting Commercials

    Bat Suit base-jumping for Rexona’s digital viral

    7 February 2013

    Extreme sports heroes, base-jumpers JT Holmes and Espen Fadnes (Wingsuit World Champion 2010) flew off the mountain at Banghoek in Jonkershoek Nature Reserve in December  for the latest viral campaign for Unilever’s Rexona. Working with agency R/GA, Ranch Exit Media, ex-Moonlightinger Richard Moerdyk’s Fixerfilm, Leander Lacey from Stunt Network and a great crew, we had the shoot day of our lives! The logistics of the shoot meant we had a very small crew; environmental concerns required minimal contact with the mountain surface; and the script included a set-build in the saddle of a remote mountain pass. Richard’s “nothing can stop us” attitude overcame all these challenges.  “We literally dropped the “set” in, and removed it, by helicopter” he recalls drily. “Weather conditions were perfect and I was privileged to work with an incredible team of experts.”

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    Moonlighting Commercials

    10 days: 9 tvc’s for the Black Arts Company

    7 February 2013

    UK agency The Black Arts Company spent most of November with us to shoot commercials for their TTI Floorcare campaign for iconic brand Hoover Vax and Dirt Devil for the UK and USA. Directors Ian Cassie & Richard Ward, stills director Jaiman Harji and producers Nina van Heerden and Kevin Giblin shot 9 scripts simultaneously over the 10 days. We were also privileged to assist The Black Arts Company with their film to promote the charity “Give us Time” while they were here. The charity asks people to donate the use of their holiday homes so that troops returning from Afghanistan can spend time with their families.  The South Africa portion was directed by Ian Cassie with photography by Paul Bond. Crew and suppliers gave their time freely for the extra shoot day and Moonlighting made a beach house in Pringle Bay available for both the shoot and for a soldier family to use in the future.  Thanks to all involved for their huge generosity, including Priest Cape Town, Panavision SA and Panalux SA.

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    Moonlighting Commercials

    Who’s Who

    7 February 2013

    We have been lucky to work with some inspirational directors so far this season. We’ve mentioned Agustin Alberdi, Ian Cassie, Richard Ward and Chris Patterson. Jean Pierre Philippot just shot his second commercial of the season with us with French production company Tempesta; Jerker Joseffson from Stockholm’s FilmByUs wrapped Dressmann with us last month and is back again now. Scott Lyon was here in October shooting Dove. Anders Rune was here last weekend; Ralph Loop was here before Christmas on an underwater adventure and JJ Keith just wrapped, working with legendary DoP John de Borman.

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    Moonlighting Commercials

    Filming at the Aquarium

    8 January 2013

    More of this one to come later. We can just say that we filmed at the Aquarium early December; that the resident sharks were most accommodating; that the turtle was very inquisitive; and we ended up filming sunset at Llandudno Beach – doesn’t get much better than that!


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