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Moonlighting Chile is led by Nicci Perrow  and Sylvie Dube and is South America’s go to company for many of the world’s top commercial production companies thanks to their reputation for hands on, professional and reliable production infused with a unique Chilean warmth and can-do attitude. The company was set up in 2005 by Nicci, in order to offer an alternative Southern Hemisphere production destination to our clients around the world. Today, Moonlighting Chile facilitates productions along the length of Chile from the Atacama Desert down to Patagonia and frequently in Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina.

Chile has become South America’s hot production location for good reason, with its heady combination of stunning locations, low costs, technical ability and a wide pool of talent.  Furthermore, it’s in the same or similar time zone to most of the US and is well serviced by airlines from both Europe and the USA. You’ll find locations that range from spectacular landscapes to European & US streets and backyards; production that is highly cost-effective with both hard costs and talent costs coming in some 20% lower than Argentina; the latest equipment thanks to the recent arrival of international equipment house Congo Films; and continually highly praised crew and production teams.

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Round the World in 80 Days

4 April 2017

On Saturday, our sports division – Moonsport – started production on ”Round the World in 80 Days” – following cyclist and adventurer Mark Beaumont, live, on his epic journey as he cycles 240 miles / 16 hours each day. Beaumont is preceding his July start with a “test-run”, cycling 3500 miles around Great Britain over 14 days. Cape Town based cameraman Helmut Scherz and editor/stills photographer Johnny Swanepoel will be on the road with Mark and his support team for the same relentless 16 cycling hours every day. Daily uploads will illustrate his progress and tell the story. Moonsport’s Trent Key and Manni Ferreira will be steering the production over the next 5 months. You can follow Mark’s progress on www.artemisworldcycle.com on Twitter at @MrMarkBeaumont #AroundBritain #80Days.

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World of Tanks Campaign – Dave Laden, Hungry Man, Mekanism

27 March 2017

Hungry Man’s Dave Laden shot Mekanism’s World of Tanks campaign with us over 2 days in Cape Town. Noordhoek Common swapped its usual occupants (local dog-walkers) for the star of these Super Bowl featured ads – the legendary Sherman World War II Tank (circa 1940). Driven down from Bloemfontein’s military war museum on a flatbed, our hero was skilfully driven by a South African army tank commander, destroying 4 immaculate set-builds, with 2 resets for each. We had to do regular “sweeps” of the surrounding bushes, uncovering numerous locals hiding to watch!

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